Ask Us Anything: ‘My first Sex Was With a Stripper’

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Send in your questions via e-mail here. SJ, from Kent did!

Dear Tabloid Truths™: I WAS a 19-year-old virgin and I had never had a steady boyfriend before, in fact I’d never so much as been kissed by a man.

That was until two weeks ago when I went on a hen night to see a troupe of hunky male strippers with my pals. The place was really noisy and full of screaming, drunken women shouting the most obscene stuff at the men as they performed their saucy act. One of the guys was a huge hunk with long dark hair, and I could have died when he came over to our table, stripped totally starkers and then sat on my knee.


askpiclogoHe was very handsome and even though I’d never seen a penis in real life before, I could see that his was bigger than the average six-inches I’d read about in my women’s mags. Anyway, once the music stopped he gave me a peck on the cheek and pushed a card into my hand. I went to the toilet to read it and it turned out to be a request for me to meet him in the car park at the end of the show. He was waiting for me outside when I got out. He gave me a peck on the cheek again, took my hand and walked me to a van.

Once inside we started to kiss and grope at each other – then he slipped his hand down my dress and felt my breasts. I was breathing heavily as he tweaked my nipples which were as hard as I’d ever known them to be, that’s how excited I was. Then he stood up and dropped his jeans and pants to reveal his huge, erect penis. Instinctively I reached out and gripped it, feeling it twitch beneath my fingers. Then I found my tongue on it, licking drops of liquid oozing from it, which he seemed to find exciting. Frenziedly he pulled my knickers off then he parted my legs and gently eased himself into me. He was really gentle and patient as he built up a rhythm sliding in and out of my wet vagina.

I was having my first ever bonk which had me climaxing like I’d never done before myself. I came again when I felt him ejaculate inside me, the warmth flooding me intimately. Then, after some heavy petting, we dressed and got out of the van – to be greeted by the rest of his troupe cheering. Now I feel really used. What do you think?

SJ, Kent

ask saysOK, you were just another conquest. But forget him and try more men.




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