Page 3 girls pay topless tribute to legendary snapper Beverley Goodway

THEY were our Page 3 girls – and he was their Page 3 man.

Legendary Sun snapper Beverley Goodway, who died of cancer on Sunday aged 69, launched the careers of many of Britain’s best-loved glamour girls and made Page 3 the institution it is today.

The bow-tie wearing dad-of-two spent 63,000 hours photographing thousands of topless beauties over his 33 years with The Sun.

The picture with each of our models is their favourite Beverley shot of themself.

Nicola McLean

Nicola McLean

‘He just loved his job so much and he treated it as an art form’ … Nicola McLean

DAZZLED as a Page 3 girl from 1999 to 2004 then went on I’m A Celeb. Nicola, 31, says:

“He was the first photographer who took my picture for Page 3. I was 18 and so nervous. But as soon as I walked into the studio I felt at ease because Beverley was just the nicest man.

“He just loved his job so much and he treated it as an art form.

“He was so passionate about Page 3 that it made you realise you were part of something big, something special.

“Beverley ended up being really influential in my life because I used to sit in his studio for hours after shoots just chatting about stuff and we became really close.

“When I told him I wanted to be on TV and do I’m A Celebrity, he said, ‘You absolutely will’. He believed in me from day one.

“All of us Page 3 girls should go to the funeral – make it the most glamorous funeral ever.”

Katie Price

Katie Price

‘He was such a gentleman’ … Sun columnist Katie Price

PROBABLY the most famous of Beverley’s gorgeous girls. Katie, 34, says:

“I remember so clearly the day he took my first Page 3 photo. I was given the address for this office block and as I was going up these dingy stairs I was starting to feel like something wasn’t right.

“When I knocked on the door and this old man opened it to reveal a room full of topless pictures of girls, I didn’t feel any better.

“But as soon as Beverley started talking to me all those fears went away. He was such a gentleman.

“Before every shoot Beverley would get me two jacket potatoes with cheese and onion and loads of butter. He couldn’t believe how much I ate.

“We got really close because I was at his studio almost every week. We’d just sit and eat and chat.

“He told me not to get my boobs done but I did it anyway.”

Sam Fox

Sam Fox

‘He was a professional and had so much respect’ … Sam Fox

KICKED off her glamour career on Page 3 in 1983 and went on to become one of Britain’s favourite pin-ups. Sam, 46, says:

“Beverley took my first ever picture and The Sun then signed me for four years. That was all down to Beverley and a fantastic start.

“You hear all these stories about how glamour photographers could be a bit creepy but he was a professional and made me feel comfortable.

“He was a real family man and had pictures of his kids all over his studio.

“On a hot day he would get the ice cubes out, then turn his back while you used them – boobs always look better when you’re a bit chilly, without going into too much detail!

“He had so much respect. His photos were gorgeously lit. He hated heavy make-up and loved the naturalness of you.

“He made my smile famous. I tried to do a pout but he’d say, ‘No Sam, it’s your smile that’s going to make you famous’. It’s such a tragedy that he is gone.”

Jo Hicks

Jo Hicks

‘He really treated everyone so well’ … Jo Hicks

MADE her debut after entering our Baywatch-lookalike contest. Jo, 32, says:

“When I think of Beverley, I picture him in one of the many bow ties that he used to wear. He was very well-spoken – a gentleman in every way.

“You never felt uncomfortable in his company and I think that’s why he was such an amazing person.

“He really treated everyone so well and he got the best out of every model that worked with him.

“He would always have me on shoots and be shouting, ‘Super Jo, oh wow!’ when we got the right shot.

“It would just make me chuckle to myself because he was one of the most passionate photographers I had ever worked with. He made Page 3 very cool and acceptable. His pictures said it all – flawless!”

Nina Carter

Nina Carter

‘It was an occasion to go and work for him’ … Nina Carter, pictured with Jilly Johnson

ONE of the first Page 3 girls after we launched our topless beauties in 1970. Nina, 60, seen with Jilly Johnson in a fashion shoot by Bev, says:

“He was such a cheerful soul. It was an occasion to go and work for him because he made you laugh and always looked after you.

“All the photographers of the day were pretty trendy – most had long hair and were a bit rock ’n’ roll.

“But Beverley was very conservative. He’d wear his trousers a little too short, with his shirt tucked right in.

“But he was a darling. We would all sit round and gossip about what we’d done the night before and he would say, ‘Oh! Oh dear!’ and be quite shocked.”

Nicola T

Nicola T

‘He looked like a gentleman and he acted like one’ … Page 3 Idol winner Nicola T

WINNER of The Sun’s first-ever Page 3 Idol contest in 2002. Nicola, 29, says:

“Turning up at the studio for the first time was incredibly nerve-wracking and I took my mum Tina with me for moral support.

“When Beverley opened the door I was a bit surprised because I thought, ‘That’s a girl’s name’. But he instantly made me feel comfortable. He made me and Mum a cup of tea and we sat down and had a chat.

“He made you feel so welcome. He looked like a gentleman with his shirts and his bow ties and he acted like one.

“He was sort of like a counsellor as well.

“Because he had such a kind nature, you’d end up telling him all your problems. He gave great advice – he could have given The Sun’s Dear Deidre a run for her money!

“He was a gentle soul and a true professional. Shooting with him was a real privilege.”

Anna Taverner

Anna Taverner

‘He made me laugh’ … Anna Taverner

WINNER of a Sun readers’ vote for the best-ever bum. Anna, 29, says:

“I remember Beverley having days he wasn’t well but I never pried. He was really posh and shy with his little owl glasses and always said to me, ‘Fantastic derriere’.

“Nothing was retouched. You had to get it absolutely perfect so he was very specific – ‘a little more that way, turn that way’ then, ‘Got it!’

“He had favourite poses with every model – they all had a signature pose that he thought suited them the most.

“He made me laugh when he’d talk about Geri Halliwell and how he turned her down!

“He was always concerned for the girls. Jordan used to come to the studio in the shortest skirt and he’d be concerned about her walking around and leaving the studio afterwards.

“He was more shy than the girls – and always wearing a dickie bow!”

Linda Lusardi

Linda Lusardi

‘He was the best photographer I ever worked with’ …Page 3 legend Linda Lusardi

BEV’S favourite girl to work with – he once raved: “Linda was a natural.” Linda, 54, says:

“I have a lot to thank Beverley for. For my first shoot I ironed my hair straight but failed to impress the picture editors.

“But he saw my potential and asked me to come in again. It was pouring with rain and my hair went curly. He told me to keep it like that and the rest is history.

“Our sessions would be over very quickly so we’d always sit down for a cup of tea and a chat. We’d put the world to rights.

“We worked together for 12 years and over that time he became a firm friend.

“My heart goes out to his wife Karen and his two daughters.

“He was the best photographer I ever worked with. A lot of the photographers I met were wide-boys – always loud-mouthed and swearing. But Beverley was just the opposite – polite and shy.

“I will miss him very much.”




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